Our sparkling hard cider is bright and dry. It drinks more like wine than standard sweet ciders. Made from heritage apples, including Chestnut Crab, Beacon, Minjon, and Wealthy varieties. We press our cider in the fall every year, and it slowly ferments through the cold northern winter using cider and champaign yeasts. We don't backsweeten our cider, but we do experiment with flavors such as cranberries, sumac, sage, and ginger. Bottled at the farm with care in the early spring, these ciders are handcrafted. Our orchard is tended organically, with no sprays or fertilizers. All of these ciders will age well, brining out more apple-flavors with time. 500mL.


About our cider varieties:

Premier is our apples-only cider. Dry, prosecco-like, profiling just apples, 7.5% abv

Vermilion is a rouge-hued blush cider with cranberries. Dry, with a hint of cranberry sweetness. 500mL 7.5% abv

Zinger is  flavored with ginger and cinnamon. It's not sweet. It's not mild. This cider is spicey and perfect for  sipping or mixing. 500mL 7.5%abv

Staghorn Sour has been steeped with fresh harvested Staghorn Sumac. It is tart and crisp with tea-like tannins. 7.5% abv

Sparkling Hard Cider