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Natural undyed yarn from our sheep. Icelandic wool consists of two types of fiber: the inner fiber is fine, soft, and warm and the outer fiber is long, glossy, and water-repellent. Together this combination is lightweight and warm as well as water-repellent and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable.


The joys of Lopi style yarn! It's full of texture and natural, variegated color! Lopi style yarn is a single ply using a long staple length of wool, and it has a “thick and thin” quality to it. It's fabulous! This yarn is approximately 120 yards and 4 ounces.


Our fiber comes from our happy Icelandic sheep every spring and fall. Each sheep produces a colorway all our on their own each season depending on their coloring and the weather. Each skein of fiber is truly one of a kind.


Farm pickup, or shipping available.

Icelandic Lopi Yarn

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