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Welcome to Pike Lake, Canosia Township, and our farm, Canosia Grove. We are Farmer Bob and Meg, your Harvest Hosts*.

We hope you enjoy your farm stay!

*We live here at the farm - others you may encounter are our Farm Kids, Ellie and Robin, our cat Scout, wandering chickens, and our Icelandic Sheep flock (hopefully not wandering).

Your spot is accessed via Lindahl Road. Come through the trees and turn left. There is a big grassy area. Turning around may be difficult, just watch out for the trees and blueberry bushes. We are typically busy with work or farming or shuttling kids to and fro, so will likely not be around/available to greet you - please settle in, and we will find you! We don’t have hookups and don’t allow Class A rigs or toy haulers (they just won’t fit). No pets, please.


Additional nights $30


Access Wifi - Network: Guest          Password: password


Our farm cidery is open to the public by appointment at this time (we’re still very much in farm startup). 


Our sparkling hard cider is available for sale on our website (, and also in person on the farm. Available all year. Please let me know if you’d like farm fresh eggs ($5/dzn; $3/half dzn) for your stay.


We seasonally have:

• Honey (starting in late July)

• Blueberries (August)

• Apples (September/October)

• Lamb (frozen cuts, all year)

• Garlic


Prices and availability vary, just ask.

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